Pathfinder Campaign

The Baby Blue


*The party returned to the cave to attack the sleeping baby blue dragon, in an attempt to plunder his gold.
*After a while of intense battle, the Baby Blue offered up his treasure and a key in return for his well being and a deer to eat.
*The party accepted, and hunted down a deer for the wyrmling.
*They then used the key to open a chest deeper in the cave. In it, they found a unique weapon and a map they are not familiar with.
*They then left the cave, taking note of the dragon’s scales seeming a bit shinier then before.
*They stopped at the pub, and got a drink. They inquired the barkeep, Tyrion, of any news to be had. He told them of Qatar, the city to the west, having lost their local unicorn. And so, the party went to see what they could do to help.



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