Pathfinder Campaign

The Orc and the Pie

WADs, Orc, Cave, Pie

  • The adventurers met on a journey to retrieve a stolen pie for Renlic, a powerful noble of the town of Asaron.
  • After breaking down the orc’s door, they attempted intimidating the orc. Unsuccessful, the orc drew his falchion and combat began.
  • Maronna scored the killing blow on the orc, with an arrow from across the room.
  • Ginug retrieved the pie, while Wangi searched the orc, and found a rusted key for the orc’s bedroom.
  • The adventurers proceed to investigate the room. Maronna searched the dresser and found, well, a wooden ass dildo used by the orc. Gilug discovered the bed to be smelly and infested with bed bugs.
  • They then discovered the iron door in the room, and decided they had to go through it. After several attempts, Wangi finally busted the door down.
  • Inside was an expansive cave system, whose main area housed a baby blue dragon sleeping on a pile of gold.
  • The party decided it better to take the pie to town. After returning it to Renlic, they were paid quite handsomely, but not until after they had to remind him to do so.


Those smells. Those smells are important.

The Orc and the Pie

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